AiTVN is a new FREE online TV station that boradcasts programs 24 hours a day at regular scheduled times.

Currently we have three channels:

-Cuneyt Arkin Channel

Cuneyt Arkin is a famous Turkish action star. None of his movies ever made it to the US but his martial arts skills, unique fight scenes and his macho attitude make for great watching.

-Kung Fu Channel

AiTVN proudly boradcasts some great classic kung fu films from China, the US, and many other countries. Our collection will satisfy all martial arts enthusiasts. We also include some great classic Jackie Chan films.

-TV Movie Channel

This channel is dedicated to broadcasting many films that were broadcast on US TV from the 60's up until today.

Watching is always free with no signing up.

Independent Filmmakers

Aitvn will soon start a channel dedicated to independent producers who wish to have their own shows or movies broadcast to the world at a scheduled time.
If you are a producer and wish to lease a time slot, or even your own channel, please contat us: